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Meet the dynamic crew driving the innovation at A blend of passion, expertise, and dedication, each member brings a unique flair to the table. Together, we’re not just a team; we’re the heartbeat of every handwritten note you send. Dive in and get to know the faces behind the revolution!

Matthew Young

Personal Touch Pioneer

From the hustle and bustle of his family’s furniture stores to his hands-on experience at his brother’s moving company, Matthew Young’s path into the moving industry was etched early. Those formative years weren’t just about shifting items; they instilled in Matthew a vision of how things could be done differently.

Now, 15 years into helming his own moving company, Matthew’s belief in doing things differently hasn’t wavered. Direct mail, a strategy he knows intimately, stands as the company’s second-largest lead source. Yet, it’s his passion for evolving traditional strategies, like transitioning from printed letters to the more personal handwritten notes, that truly sets him apart.

Matthew’s vast experience in the moving industry, spanning over 20 years, has never been about mere business transactions. It’s about genuine connections. His dedication to honesty and integrity is evident in every handshake, every moved box, and every satisfied customer review.

When the moving trucks are parked, and the day winds down, you’ll find Matthew deeply embedded in his community. Whether it’s coaching his kids’ soccer team, cheering for the local UYSL team, the Colorado Springs Switchbacks, or contributing to causes close to his heart. Recent accolades include his child winning the “Donor of the Year” award from the American Heart Association two years running, and proud partnerships with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and local kidney walks.

With, Matthew envisions a future where moving companies and clients share a bond deeper than a service agreement. It’s about crafting lasting impressions, one heartfelt handwritten note at a time.

Stewart Zilinski

Head of Business Exploration, Inking Innovations

While Stewart Zilinski’s early memories trace back to the scenic landscapes of Virginia, where he grew up from the age of four, it was the iconic skyline of New York City that introduced him to the dynamic world of commercial moving and office furniture solutions. Within no time, his specialized expertise in NYC set the stage for broader horizons, leading him to tackle moving challenges in major hubs like Chicago, Denver, Houston, St. Louis, and San Francisco.

Amassing over a decade in the moving industry, Stewart’s journey stands as a testament to the depth and breadth of his experience. From the unique regulations of each city to the varying expectations of clients across regions, he’s not only navigated the maze but often paved new paths of excellence within it.

Now rooted in the vibrant community of Colorado Springs, Stewart brings his vast knowledge and passion to the team. Every project he touches is infused with his history of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to transforming the moving industry’s landscape. His presence assures clients of a seasoned perspective, one that understands the intricacies of their challenges and is always a step ahead in delivering innovative solutions.

Zach Baz

Senior Sales Sorcerer

Zach Baz, our Senior Sales Sorcerer, is not just any sales professional. With years of diverse sales experience spanning multiple industries, he’s crafted a unique perspective that he brings to the table. The moving and storage industry welcomed him in 2016, and he’s been an irreplaceable asset ever since. Working closely with passionate movers, Zach instantly felt the resonation of the commitment they bring to their craft.
At, Zach recognized an opportunity that was both groundbreaking and deeply rooted in tradition. Here was a company that honored the age-old, feel-good values of traditional marketing but wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries with unrivaled, innovative mailer strategies. This blend of the old and new is what drew him to us, and it’s why he believes is the future for movers.
Zach’s 7-year journey in the moving industry has been diverse, giving him a broad perspective. He’s delved into credit card processing tailored for movers and even ventured into selling moving software. But beyond his impressive professional journey lies a foundation of strong personal and professional values that guide him.

But beyond his impressive professional journey lies a foundation of strong personal and professional values that guide him. For Zach, honesty and integrity aren’t just words – they are principles he lives by. He believes in setting industry standards, leading by example, and daring to be different. His ethos revolves around invention, simplification, and a relentless focus on the customer. And amidst all this, he never forgets to enjoy the journey, because life is short and meant to be lived to the fullest.

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