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Hear it directly from those who’ve experienced the magic of MovingLetters.ai. Dive into their stories, understand their journey, and see how our unique blend of traditional charm and modern solutions made a difference. Discover why our clients are our biggest advocates.

“When Matt first shared the concept of MovingLetters.ai with me, I’ll admit I was intrigued but skeptical. We’re in the digital age, after all. But after seeing it in action, I was blown away. It’s a game-changer. Receiving a handwritten letter evokes a kind of emotion that emails and printed materials just can’t replicate. It made me think of the countless families we’ve helped relocate over the years and the intimate trust they place in us with their cherished belongings. MovingLetters.ai amplifies that trust. It’s a subtle yet potent reminder that we, as movers, are in the business of memories, transitions, and new beginnings. I believe this service is going to set a new industry standard, and I’m thrilled to be on board.”
Austin Yarborough
Central Coast Moving & Storage
“In the fast-paced world of moving, securing every lead is vital. That's where MovingLetters.ai has been transformative for Murdock's Moving. Their data cleansing service has revolutionized our direct mail campaigns, and the results? A dramatic boost in lead generation and sales.
What's more, I've heard about their soon-to-launch handwritten features coming this November. Anticipating the authenticity of these handwritten letters, I foresee a significant edge in our direct mail outreach.
For those in the moving sector: Dive into MovingLetters.ai. It’s a groundbreaking approach.”
Neacail Murdock
Murdock’s Moving & Storage
Speaking with Matt from I Haul I Move was a game-changer for our business. Thanks to his expert advice, we were able to 5x our sales from our mailing campaigns. Matt's deep knowledge of mailing and technology is unparalleled, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone interested in Moving Letters to reach out to him. He's a true expert in his field
Daniel Tsepelev
Elite Furniture Moving
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