My Journey with AI: The Matthew Young Story

In an era where technology and personal touch often seem at odds, Matthew Young, founder and CEO of, stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of the two. His journey with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the moving industry is not just about technological adoption; it’s a story of vision, perseverance, and the human element behind every innovation.

The Early Days: Embracing Change 

Matthew’s journey began with a realization: the moving industry, steeped in tradition, was ripe for a technological revolution. While many were hesitant to embrace change, Matthew saw AI as a beacon of potential. His initial forays into AI were driven by curiosity and a desire to improve efficiency in his moving company, iHaul iMove, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

AI as a Game-Changer

Matthew’s experimentation with AI quickly proved to be a game-changer. From optimizing SEO for better online visibility to crafting personalized email campaigns, AI began reshaping the way iHaul iMove operated. The ability to analyze data, predict customer needs, and automate mundane tasks allowed Matthew’s team to focus on what they do best: moving with care and precision.

Innovating with

Taking his experiences and learnings, Matthew ventured into a new territory with This innovative platform combines the personal touch of handwritten letters with the efficiency of AI, offering moving companies a unique way to connect with their clients. It’s a blend of tradition and technology, reflecting Matthew’s belief that the future of business lies in personalization powered by AI.

Building a Tech-Forward Moving Industry

Matthew’s story is more than a personal achievement; it’s a blueprint for the future of the moving industry. By integrating AI into various aspects of business operations, he demonstrates how technology can enhance, rather than replace, the human touch in a service-based industry.

“My Journey with AI” is more than just a story about embracing technology; it’s a narrative of innovation, personal growth, and reshaping an industry. Matthew Young’s journey is not only about the integration of AI into moving services but also about the human side of technological advancement. His experiences, challenges, and triumphs serve as an inspiration to many in the moving industry and beyond.

For a more in-depth look at Matthew’s journey with AI, along with some hilarious personal anecdotes, be sure to tune into “The Movers Resource Guide” hosted by Brian Hasson @ In this engaging video-podcast, Matthew discusses the intricacies of AI in the moving industry and shares stories from his personal and professional life that are both informative and entertaining. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a leading innovator in the field.

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by Stewart Zilinski



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