Our Founder Joins The “Let’s Talk Moving” Podcast to Discuss Why We Do What We Do

Welcome to our latest feature on MovingLetters.ai, where we dive into the innovative ways our service is revolutionizing how businesses connect with potential customers. Founded by Matthew Young, a seasoned professional in the moving industry with over 16 years of experience, MovingLetters.ai merges traditional direct mail with cutting-edge technology to create memorable, personalized communication.

Reinventing Direct Mail with a Personal Touch
At MovingLetters.ai, we specialize in sending personalized, handwritten mail pieces to homes that have recently listed or gone under contract. Using MLS listings to identify recipients, our service ensures that each piece of mail is not only timely but also uniquely personal. Our robots craft each message with a human touch, making every letter feel as though it was written directly by a thoughtful human hand.

The Power of Emotional Connections
Matthew Young, CEO and Founder, believes in the profound impact of personal connections. “Our product is just a little bit more personalized. It has that handwritten touch, which really changes the way people feel about the mail they receive,” Matthew explains. He adds, “It’s about bringing back that personal connection that seems to be fading in today’s digital world.”
Matthew recently shared more about these personal touches and their impact on business outcomes during an engaging discussion on the “Let’s Talk Moving” podcast. He recounted memorable stories from clients whose customers responded to the personalized letters in deeply emotional and connecting ways.
“People book on emotion and how they connect on a personal level,” Matthew noted, emphasizing the unique impact of our approach. If you’re curious about how these insights can be applied to enhance customer engagement and to hear some of these compelling client stories, the podcast is a must-listen.

What Makes MovingLetters.ai Different
Matthew describes our service as, “not too different, but also very different,” highlighting the blend of traditional and innovative approaches we use. While our method echoes the familiar effectiveness of direct mail, the personalized and emotional engagement it fosters sets us apart in a digital-first world.

Future Goals and Personal Growth
Looking ahead, Matthew envisions expanding the service to other industries, helping a broad range of service providers make impactful first impressions. Simultaneously, Matthew’s personal growth journey mirrors his professional goals. His commitment to health and gratitude has positively influenced his approach to business, emphasizing a balanced and thoughtful leadership style.

MovingLetters.ai is dedicated to redefining customer engagement through the power of personalized direct mail. In an era where digital messages flood our inboxes, a handwritten letter can cut through the noise, delivering a profound and personal impact. Join us in bringing back the personal touch to business communications—one letter at a time.
Curious to learn more about the emotional stories and client experiences Matthew discussed? For a deeper dive and some invaluable insights, make sure to check out the full “Let’s Talk Moving” podcast episode.



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